Manual Compression Device for Fluoroscopy*


Key Features Aid in Diagnosis

lever action

uses larger forearm muscles for less hand fatigue

allows more pressure than
finger grasped devices

keeps gloved hand out of X-ray beam for 1/10th the exposure of traditional gloved palpation

serrated hand grip

reminds users to wear lead glove and provides a more secure grasp

2 mm lead markers

placed 1 cm apart for reference and lesion sizing

thumb grip

prevents users from flipping the device and allows for oblique compression

Injection molded radiolucent plastic

is durable and washable

Supported by Research

…exposure rates were 2.8mR (0.72 µC/kg) per minute with F-shaped spoon, 5.3 mR (1.34 µC/kg) per minute with the wooden spoon, and 28.6 mR (7.38 µC/kg) per minute with the lead glove.”


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